ZAM 3D Screenshots
ZAM 3D Interface

The ZAM 3D interface is built to be highly approachable, yet very powerful. It supplies all of the basic modeling features such as primitives, materials, lighting, etc., as well as several 2D to 3D tools like the Extrusion Editor and a Lathe Editor. Furthermore, there is a very robust Advanced Modeling environment that allows full mesh manipulation. For more information on the ZAM 3D interface, please visit the Swift 3D portion of our Website as the functionality is very similar.
Exporting to XAML

To create a XAML file from your 3D scene it's as simple as choosing File > Export. Since Avalon supplies its own rendering engine, ZAM 3D needs only to write out the XAML markup containing the 3D geometry, materials and animations and Avalon handles the rest.
XAML Markup

Once ZAM 3D writes out the XAML file, the entire contents of your 3D scene is represented in XAML markup. From here you can either view the output in a XAML reading application like AvPad, or bring the markup into the Visual Studio development environment for further integration into your project.
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