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StandOut Presentation Solution

Electric Rain StandOut - High-End Executive Presentation Solutions


For today's important executive presentations and keynotes, where good speeches and great visuals are a must, and where PowerPoint alone is just not enough, Electric Rain is proud to introduce its StandOut Multimedia Presentation Software and High-End Design Services. Our proven and reliable software + services offering is targeted toward Fortune 100 companies seeking high-end multimedia visuals to support their important executive speeches.

StandOut bridges the gap for important presentations needing to go beyond PowerPoint's capabilities and for presenters looking for higher quality, smooth feeling, and broadcast / cinematic-style presentations. StandOut is based on a design driven paradigm and is guided by the idea that world-class design customized around the message being conveyed should be the starting point for presentation visuals, and is the compelling differentiation and value of our software + creative and execution services model.

StandOut turns complex motion graphic presentation concepts into reality
to deliver Microsoft's Steve Ballmers CES2009 Keynote visuals in Las Vegas

StandOut and Electric Rain services are a key solution for Microsoft executives like Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie at important events such as CES 2009, PDC08, and MIX08. Our turn-key software, creative motion graphics design services, and behind the scenes operations support uplevels a speakers message to better engage with audiences and emotionally connect them with the speakers content.

Our proprietary multimedia presentation software combined with our high-end design services enables today's Fortune 100 executives with best-in-class presentations visuals. StandOut presentations enhance the presenter’s ability to communicate clearly, differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve audience impact and retention, while enabling ongoing editing capabilities right up to the last minute.


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Our fee's are based on an individual project scope. If you need a quote for your project, please contact Mike Soucie at with some basic information about your presentation project / executive speech needs.