Electric Rain Swift 3D / Stage3D Demo

Swift 3D Labs presents a hardware accelerated 3D sneek peek demo running in the Flash 11 Player Stage 3D technology. It requires Flash 11 Player which can be downloaded here. (i.e. if you don't see a demo load below... go install the Flash 11 Player).

In this demo, we are successfully exporting from a pre-release labs version of Swift 3D MAX to an open source Molehill engine called Minimole – a small Actionscript 3D engine based on the Stage3D API. We're also successfuly supporting other 3D engines such as Away3D, Flare3D, and Alternativa3D. Stay tuned for more news on our support for Adobe Stage3D.

This pre-release labs version of Swift 3D MAX Technical demo exports an interactive3D iPhone 3GS and full textured MaxHead models in a high quality, textured and shaded method ideal to use in e-commerce, online virtual catalogs, and for gaming. Our goal with Swift 3D is to enable Flash designers to leverage this technology with little or no need to jump into the actionscript code by using templated 3D controls that are built into pre-defined actionscript files that Swift 3D generates upon export. Just open the Swift 3D generated .FLA file in Flash Professional and publish your SWF. Stay tuned for more news and announcments.


Get Adobe Flash player

Get Adobe Flash player

If you don't see a demo load above... go install the Flash Player 11 here