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1 Papervision export issues (post #13) Swift 3D
2 Shaders in Papervision (post #1) Swift 3D
3 Two quick questions: Any tips on making an "anime" head and Problems with Rastering (post #1) Swift 3D
4 papervison3d export to Flash CS4 problem (post #6) Swift 3D
5 Bezier curves for camera target point? (post #1) Swift 3D
6 Help. Can anyone download the tutorial file from"Orient To Path - Animating a Wheel" (post #2) Swift 3D
7 Problem applying material to surface groups (post #1) Swift 3D
8 texture error on flash export after 3d papervision (post #1) Swift 3D
9 click and drag object problems (post #1) Swift 3D
10 Anyone using Away3D rather than Papervision (post #1) Swift 3D
11 Creating 3d Rotating Text (post #1) 3D Lounge
12 Texture Mapping Problem (post #2) Swift 3D
13 flash 10 and swift3d v4.5 (post #1) Swift 3D
14 Illogical export filenumbers (post #1) Swift 3D
15 Reduce complex model (post #1) Swift 3D
16 Export to Papervision 3D gives blank swf (post #1) Swift 3D
17 3D horse (post #2) Swift 3D
18 Modeling A Toy Car (post #1) Swift 3D
19 Adding rollover states in animation (post #1) Swift 3D
20 Rotate child objects (post #1) Swift 3D
21 video as material (post #3) Swift 3D
22 Bend A Cylinder (post #4) Swift 3D
23 Flower animation (post #1) Swift 3D
24 papervsion export does not export material (post #3) Swift 3D
25 Export XAML to Blend from Swift? (post #1) Swift 3D
26 duplicate settings of front default camera (post #2) Swift 3D
27 Combine vertices into face (post #1) Swift 3D
28 Open my papervision in my scene apposed to pop up? (post #9) Swift 3D
29 make outline (only) around entire shape (post #3) Swift 3D
30 Help duplicating an object with different textures (post #2) ZAM 3D
31 Cant export raster materials (post #4) ZAM 3D
32 error when importing more than one object (post #1) ZAM 3D
33 Five Day Course For Hitting the WPF Curve/Cliff (post #0) ZAM 3D
34 camera animation help (post #1) Swift 3D
35 ZAM 3D / Sparkle Basic Training (post #0) ZAM 3D
36 importing into eid (post #4) ZAM 3D
37 Great resource for learning WPF basics (post #0) ZAM 3D
38 Microsoft Expression Suite Demo's and Training (post #0) ZAM 3D
39 WIP- Robot design (post #5) Showcase
40 SEA TREK (post #4) Showcase
41 praxinoscope (post #2) Showcase
42 export polyhedron primative (post #1) ZAM 3D
43 Swift 3D 3 on a Macbook (post #1) Swift 3D v3.0
44 just downloaded zam and sparkle (post #1) ZAM 3D
45 Models and Extruxions (post #1) 3D Lounge
46 Falling Banner/Flag Effect (post #1) 3D Lounge
47 How to make environment animations (post #1) 3D Lounge
48 Stereoscopic Images (post #1) The Volley Zone
49 Stereoscopic Images (post #1) Showcase
50 How to make this effect.. (post #1) 3D Lounge

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