Electric Rain Harmony Flash SWF-to-XAML Converter

Convert Flash SWF files to Microsoft WPF and Silverlight based XAML

Announcing Electric Rain Harmony - Coming Summer 2007
A New Flash SWF to XAML-markup Converter Tool for Microsoft WPF and Silverlight Application Development

Electric Rain Harmony provides designers and developers with a fast and easy way to convert existing Flash SWF files (graphics and simple animations*) into Microsoft-based XAML mark-up for immediate use in the Microsoft WFP and Silverlight (formally WPF/E) platforms.

Don't start from scratch - Soon you'll be able to reuse and repurpose the many years of Flash assets you've built up, including banner ads and Web animations to work with Microsoft's new WPF-based and Silverlight graphics technologies. Harmony lets you quickly and easily convert this important assets into XAML mark-up that is WPF and Silverlight friendly – erasing the need to recreate assets from scratch.

Harmony v1.0 goes beyond frame-by-frame conversion by converting complete Flash SWF files focused on graphical shape definitions and simple animations into native XAML animations. Note that Harmony does not convert Flash ActionScript code.*

Check out the Harmony Prototype Interface

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  • Beta Sign-up: Harmony Beta will begin soon. Sign-up to be notified.
  • See Examples: See some Flash SWF files that have been converted to XAML
  • Press Release: Read the full press release

Harmony exports to both WPF and Silverlight XAML file formats

Harmony supports exporting to both WPF-based XAML as well as to Microsoft’s new Silverlight XAML mark-up,andt serves as a single translation solution for use on the desktop or Web platform, leveraging WPF or Silverlight respectively. Harmony’s powerful XAML export capabilities make it a natural fit for converting assets to be incorporated into other XAML tools like Microsoft Expression Blend.

* With Harmony v1.0, there may be limited support for animations that rely on ActionScript to run, and there may be support for button interaction such as rollover state. There will not be support for any interactivity contained within the original SWF file that relies on ActionScript to execute any behaviors, such as jumping to frames, loading movie clips, etc. As such, Harmony v1.0 will be most effectively used in converting simple SWF files that contain graphics and frame-based animations to the XAML format.