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Convexion PowerPoint to Silverlight Converter

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Just Released!
Electric Rain is proud to release Convexion™, a brand new PowerPoint® 2007/10 Add-in that enables users to publish their PowerPoint slideshows to the Microsoft® Silverlight™ and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) formats for sharing and viewing on the web, in blogs, and as a live desktop presentation player.

Standard Edition - Exports to SL XAP + HTML and WPF .EXE

Standard Edition exports Silverlight XAP + HTML & WPF (EXE)
Pro Edition adds Microsoft Blend / Visual Studio .SLN Export

Convexion retains PowerPoint animations, effects, & transition fidelity  

Convexion is the first-ever PowerPoint 2007/10 Add-in to export to Silverlight and WPF formats while retaining the highest animation, transition, and design fidelity found in the original PowerPoint. Convexion retains your layout and effects, and you never have to worry whether the viewer has the correct fonts installed, as the converted presentation looks and plays just like the original slideshow.

Now you can quickly and easily publish your presentations to web sites, blogs, or for offline viewing, downloading, or sharing without having to distribute the original PowerPoint files. And since Silverlight is cross-browser supported, presentations can be viewed on a Macintosh or Windows computer. Convexion does all the work for you with just a click of a button, right within the PowerPoint ribbon user interface:

Click the Image to watch a short animated demo

Convexion converts PowerPoint presentations to Microsoft Silverlight XAP files (with the supporting HTML) for direct, no programming, publishing to the web in any browser. It also converts presentations to Microsoft's WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) EXE format for standalone desktop playback and single file sharing. For designers and developers, Convexion Pro Edition adds Silverlight Blend / Visual Studio SLN Project exporting for further editing, customization, and programming.

Above is the Converter Settings cut out showing Export Options
Watch a short animated demo of all the Settings

Enlarge and see the entire 'Convexion Settings' Dialog

- Standard Edition exports to Silverlight XAP + HTML and WPF (EXE)
- Pro Edition adds exporting to Silverlight and WPF based Microsoft Blend / VS SLN Projects

  Converted Silverlight Presentations- Use on the Web or Offline

Save a Silverlight presentation from a web browser to the desktop for offline viewing:
Want to enable your Silverlight 3.0 web browser presentation to be viewed offline by web visitors? No problem, Convexion offers a toggled (on / off) setting to enable the web audience of the Silverlight presentation the ability to right-mouse click and save a copy of the presentation to the their local machine (as an application) for offline viewing.

Convexion allows you to install a running web presentation to your desktop for offline viewing.
Click the Image to watch a short animation

  See for yourself... PowerPoint PPTX Original VS. Silverlight Example

See for yourself how well Convexion converts and publishes to a Silverlight based presentation while retaining the animations and visual experience of the original slideshow. Download the original PowerPoint file on the left and watch it, then click on the Convexion converted Silverlight based presentation on the right to experience the same high-fidelity presentation playing on the web with Silverlight, or on your desktop with WPF EXE.
See more examples.

a Original PowerPoint b Converted PowerPoint to Silverlight Example
Download the Original PowerPoint
.PPTX Source File (893k)
Launch Converted Silverlight Presentation .XAP (4 mb Requires Microsoft Silverlight 3 installed)
  Microsoft has Licensed our Conversion Technology... So can you.  

Several companies including two Microsoft divisions have licensed Electric Rain's PowerPoint-to-XAML (WPF / Silverlight) converter code for their software products.

If your company is interested in licensing our Convexion PowerPoint-to-Silverlight converter technology for your project, please see our Technology Licensing Overview.



Pro Edition - Enables Designers & Developers to export to MS Blend or VS SLN projects in addition to Silverlight XAP + HTML and WPF .EXEStandard Edition - Exports to Silverlight XAP + HTML and WPF .EXE