Technology Available for Licensing
  Erain Proprietary Technology  
  Electric Rain has spent many years developing and refining its proprietary technologies found in its Swift 3D and StandOut products. Now Electric Rain is making its technology available for other independent software companies to license. Here is a a brief summary of the the technology currently being offered by Electric Rain. If you are interested in any of our technologies offered below, please complete this Technology Licensing Questionnaire and email it along with your questions to Mike Soucie  
RAViX® IV - 3D to 2D Vector Rendering Technology  
Ravix 3 Vector Rendering Technology

RAViX® Technology (Rapid Visibility Extension) is our proprietary technology that converts 3D models into 2D vector-based imagery. This unique technology detects the lines and vertices that make up a 3D model, converts them into shaded polygons to recreate the 3D image, but in a 2D vector format (specifically Adobe Flash SWF and EPS formats). RAViX allows for the smallest file sizes while providing per polygon (flat or gradient) shading capabilities that are superior to any technology available.

Our new generation vector rendering found in Swift 3D v5, Swift 3D MAX v3.0 and Swift 3D LW v3.0 includes Pen Style Outlines, Enhanced Render Speeds (up to 50 times faster on low polygon models), Shadow Density and Color Controls, Per Object Render Styles, Level 3 EPS support and more. Visit the Swift 3D v3 plug-ins features page for a visual overview of new RAViX 4 rendering capabilities. This technology provides unrivaled vector rendering quality, versatility and Flash integration.

Licensing & Platforms Availability:
Electric Rain is actively licensing the RAViX III and RAViX II API in binary library form or full source code:

  • Platform-Independent Shared Libraries
  • Direct Integration Model
  • Plug-In Model
  • RAViX III and II has been ported to the following platforms. MAC OS (Carbon) & MAC OS (Mach O) Windows


  PowerPoint to Silverlight and WPF XAML Converter Technology

Do you need a PowerPoint-to-Silverlight converter technology for your product or software solution? Electric Rain is licensing its core PowerPoint to Silverlight & WPF XAML Converter Technology API & SDK that drives our own Convexion plug-in product for PowerPoint. Now you can include this same functionality in your products. This is the same technology that two divisions at Microsoft have licensed.

Below is a screen shot of the converter application, the sample converted Silverlight presentation to view in your browser, along with the original PowerPoint file. A trail version of the technology demo application is available upon request after pre-qualifying.

PowerPoint to Silverlight COnverter Application PowerPoint to Silverlight Example
PowerPoint Converter App Screen Shot Converted Silverlight Presentation (.xap) (3 mb) 

Download the original PowerPoint PPTX file here - Ozzie 072607 FAM Final.pptx

Electric Rain PowerPoint-to-XAML Silverlight Converter Feature List:

  • Convert PowerPoint 2007/10 presentations into XAML Slides and Shapes that works on Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 and Silverlight 3.5 & 4.0 clients.
  • Convert Shapes into XAML equivalents for images, text, and drawings as PNG’s. Also supports videos to videos, and PowerPoint ink to WPF / Silverlight static ink.  All other shape types can be converted to image equivalents.
  • Support for PPTX or PPT file format conversions (must have PowerPoint 200/10 and .NET 3.5+ installed).
  • Renders all effects to PNG while preserving very accurate layout information.
  • Supports most common set of “wipe” animations for shapes, aka custom animations (i.e. scale, rotate, motion paths) of the priority animations.
  • Renders a custom build animation within a slide (i.e. render a specific diagram animation within a slide in XAML).
  • Ability to render text as PNG for best fidelity retention (next version will include a full vector text implementation).
  • Remove/Re-add specific shapes/backgrounds from slides before final conversion.
  • Export slides to loose XAML, Visual Studio solution file (SLN) for further editing or asset re-use in Microsoft Blend or other XAML editors / players, or as self-contained Silverlight XAP / WPF EXE files.
  • XAML based slide player included with both WPF and Silverlight.
  • “One-click” export all button that will convert all slides to XAML files (WPF or Silverlight).
  • Ability to pick and choose specific slides for conversion through a visual interface sample app.
  • Supports fade animations, visibility toggles, scale, move, rotate and motion path build animations.
  • Supports fade slide transitions as default.
  • Preview animations before exporting via the player code used within the sample app provided.
  • Original PPTX overlay allows user to see how accurate the conversion is compared to a picture of the original slide.
  • Render and retain layout animation transitions.
  • Set target output resolutions of PNG's..
  • Download this feature list here.

Licensing & Platforms Availability:
Electric Rain is actively licensing the PowerPoint to Silverlight & WPF XAML Converter Technology. Here is what is included::

  • Written completely in C# code and is a 100% .NET 3.5 managed sample application / code.
  • Licensing is available as compiled libraries or source code with API. Includes sample standalone converter application and previewer and UI, and exported XAML slide player..

Licensing Fees:
Compiled Libraries & API: $3,500 One-time upfront licensing fee (no additional royalties)
Source Code & API: Email for Quote

To purchase the Compiled Libraries, please email If you are interested to licensing the source code for use in your products / services, please complete this Technology Licensing Questionnaire and email it along with your questions to Mike Soucie

  Licensors of Electric Rain Technology  
Microsoft Educational Products Group - Microsoft has licensed Electric Rain's PowerPoint-to-XAML (WPF / Silverlight) converter for use in a yet to be announced product..
Maya 5 - 8.5 - Academy Award® winning Maya® 3D animation and effects software is at the forefront of technological innovation.
DAZ3D™ VectorStyle™ - VectorStyle is an advanced 3D vector rendering plug-in for Carrara StudioT2.
Strata® Strata 3D™ - Strata 3D enables the designer to model, render, and animate 3D content and output for Adobe® Flash and other file formats.