IdentityMine & BLITZ Broaden Design Service w/ StandOut  
  For Immediate Release

IdentityMine and BLITZ Broaden Their Design Service Offerings
with Electric Rain’s New StandOut Presentation Solution

With StandOut, Designers Can Produce Custom Presentations
of Cinematic Quality for Their Business Clients

BOULDER, Colo. January 30, 2007 – Electric Rain, a software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use multimedia creation and editing tools to business and design professionals, has signed two high-end interactive design and development agencies to create custom presentation design templates using its new StandOut Presentation Solution, a new class of desktop software built for the new Windows Vista operating system.

IdentityMine and BLITZ are using Electric Rain StandOut Presentation Solution to build custom, editable presentation templates (known as Design Kits) for their business clients to engage audiences at an impactful new level and powerfully convey their presentation messages. StandOut will also allow IdentityMine and BLITZ to further expand their full-featured design and development service offerings and reach new clients and markets.

“StandOut will allow us to achieve a whole new level in high-end rich media presentations that our business clients can edit on their own, while still maintaining the broadcast-level visual experience,” said Ken Martin, CEO and Chief Creative Officer for BLITZ, a full-service interactive agency.

StandOut Presentation Solution blends the simplicity of editing a slideshow with the impact of a custom presentation that uses fluid motion pictures, professional design and artistic creativity to produce an end-result similar to what viewers would see on television or in a movie..

“Because Electric Rain’s new StandOut solution leverages WPF within the .NET 3.0 framework, the creative possibilities are nearly endless,” said Robby Ingebretsen, IdentityMine’s Director of Creative Development. “We’re thrilled to apply our current knowledge of the platform to communicate with audiences in truly new and innovative ways, and believe that StandOut is a paradigm shifter.”

The StandOut Presentation Solution consists of two software applications: StandOut Designer Editor and StandOut Presenter Edition. StandOut Designer Edition is used in conjunction with Microsoft Expression Studio design tools to allow design firms, ad agencies and in-house design departments to build rich and engaging presentation Design Kit templates for business clients. These Design Kits are delivered to the clients, who can use StandOut Presenter Edition to edit and personalize the content without sacrificing the integrity of the original design. The result is that presenters are able to deliver remarkable cinematic-style presentations that improve the communication experience and achieve results, while StandOut’s flexibility eliminates the need for designers to perform ongoing edit-jobs that are often distractions and revenue-losers.

“StandOut is a significant advancement for creative firms like IdentityMine and BLITZ because it extends their design service offerings into the untapped custom presentation market, while eliminating the business pain of relying on the design agency to perform edits,” said Electric Rain CEO Mike Soucie. “We’re pleased to have forged a relationship with both companies to develop Design Kits that break new ground and set a new industry standard in business presentations.”

As the first early-adopters of StandOut Presentation Solution, IdentityMine and BLITZ are currently using the beta versions of the product, which is planned to be publicly available in spring 2007. The solution is scheduled to ship in final production in Q2 2007.

Building Upon the Power of Windows Vista
StandOut Presentation Solution is a Microsoft .NET 3.0 (Windows Presentation Foundation) desktop application system that exemplifies the graphics power built into Windows Vista. Electric Rain, a Windows Vista Premier Launch Partner and Microsoft Technology Adoption Partner, has been working in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Vista ISV team to ensure StandOut is fully operable with the Windows Vista operating system and leverages its multimedia and graphics capabilities.

About Electric Rain
Electric Rain is a Boulder, Colorado-based software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use multimedia creation and editing tools to business and design professionals. Electric Rain has become the industry-leading developer of 3D Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash solutions, selling over 65,000 units of its flagship product Swift 3D, now in version 4.5. Electric Rain’s partners include Adobe, Macromedia, Alias (now Autodesk), and most recently Microsoft, as a Technology Adoption Partner (TAP) for developing new Windows Vista (.NET 3.0-based) applications. For more information, visit:

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